Male Child Lineage Saga

Matrimony male child lineage problem – natural vital solution
I am Fatai Aderemi Adelabu, a Freelance American and Chinese Herbal healthcare Supplements marketer.

I have a personal experience of life I want to share with any person who cares to read.

In my first 28 years of marital life, I had three females. Then my mentor called me and invited me for discussion. This was in the year 2002.

My mentor, now late, who happened to be my present wife’s guardian before we got married in 1989, worked at the Nigeria Railways in the forties, fifties and sixties before he retired. He worked under a British expatriate officer. This man who had three daughters and my mentor had two daughters. And my mentor had a friend who told him that a married man who has ten daughters and no son is having no lineage.

These days, so many rich and famous, tycoons, public figures , our royal fathers, celebrities, world leaders, general overseers and many more are worried silently for not having any male child among their children, especially if the type of religion does not allow polygamy. Having travelled far and wide, I have met couples with as many as five or six sons without any daughter. On the other hand, I have also met couples with as many as five, six or more daughters without any son. Some are with just only one daughter.

Case 1: There was a very rich and wealthy man in the late 20th century. In fact some used to refer to him as the richest man in the world. He had just only one daughter to survive him. Not long after his death, the only daughter who also had an infant daughter died. The man had died without any lineage. Only God knows what is happening to the estate of the man today.

Case 2: There lived this old medical practitioner living close to where I used to live. . He was wealthy and had landed properties. He had four daughters and no son. He must have thought it to himself one day that he might be without any lineage when he dies. .Then he called his wife and the daughters and asked all of them to leave the house for him and he married another wife unfortunately the new wife did not solve the problem for him. Instead, the new wife ha d two daughters for him before he died.
Men usually have more years in life to produce than women. A Nigerian popular musician who died recently in his eighties had his last child a couple of years just before his death which was also in his eighties. Women mostly achieve their menopause in the late forties or early fifties. Where some men who are monogamists find themselves in a situation they do not like, such as having no male child in the family, they either negotiate with the woman in the house or give pregnant to another younger woman outside the wedlock to bear children for them. I have either heard or seen this happen in this part of the world.

It is the end to unnecessary polygamy.
The way forward is quite simple for the couple to follow. Both my mentor and his boss used it and got the positive result. I used it and got the same result in 2003 All the people I have asked to do so got it right too.
All the couple needs to do is make all the necessary prayers if they need , during ovulation period before they commence sexual intercourse and immediately after, the male can get up but the female will remain in bed and turn on her right side and take some rest for about fifteen to thirty minutes before getting up,
For my mentor, his two daughters had seven males; four and three respectively, and all his three sons also have several males too.
I give thanks to the Almighty God for connecting me with my mentor at the right time, without having the premonition of what my physical health would be today.
If my mentor had not come to my rescue at that time my situation would have been a different one today My physical health problem started around September 1998 when I was driving and got to a stop. As I wanted to continue my journey, I placed my left foot on the clutch pedal and it started vibrating. I went to the hospital the following day and I was diagnosed to have Stroke. Two years later a Physiotherapist told me it was not a stroke but Foot Drop and later affected the right foot.
And just in 2007 another expert, a Professor of Neurosurgery, told me it was Neuropathy. I must have been taking the wrong medication for so long that all these had done extensive damages to my body. The result is that I am having some physical disabilities that I cannot stand up and walk on my own. Somebody would need to assist me.
Only in March 2014 I had a test on an Automatic Health Analyzing Machine by a Chinese Herbal company and I was told I had toxins in my body and this caused the Neuropathy in my body. The toxins had caused damages in my body over the years of wrong medications. Series of detoxifications this time cannot even help because they have come rather late. The test also showed Prostate Enlargement, Cataracts and vision problem, Memory Loss, Low Calcium, Hypertension and Sexual problem. The problems I have to tackle now are to stand and walk and Memory Loss. Infract all these I have been battling with over the years, not knowing they have been caused by Neuropathy. Medications require consistency but not possible where there is no fund.
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Some past notable world personalities have known the significance of male child lineage in their lives. Examples are people like, President George H.W Bush(Father), President George W. Bush(Son), Late President Jomo Kenyatta(Father), President Uhuru Kenyatta Late(Son), Dr. Olusola Saraki (Former Majority Leader) (Father), Dr. Abu-Bakr Olubukola Saraki (Present Senate President)(Son), Late Reverend Samuel Bilewu Joseph Oshofa of Celestial Church(Father), Reverend Mobiyina Oshofa(Son), Archbishop Idahosa, Bishop Idahosa(Son) Late, Late Alhaj Kafaru Oluwole Tinubu (Founder Forte Oil, Formerly African Petroleum Oil), Wale Tinubu (Now Chairman of FORTE oil) (Son) Late President Fidel Castro of Cuba, Father, President Raúl Castro (Son), just a few to mention
I want to dedicate this blog to Late Alhaj Husein Alli, who was known as the father of all children and who never discriminated between ethnic or religious differences. during his life time. May his soul rest in perfect peace, amen.

I also want to dedicate this blog to my darling and endlessly loving wife and children as well as a host of members of the extended family. I must not forget my helpers in our religious organization who are always ready to help whenever I make requests. I also want to remember those who will read and make use of the material. Lastly, let me appreciate the assistance of a friend and brother who painstakingly edited some sections of my work God bless you all.

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